In this section, we’re going to walk you through a simple step-by-step process to get your e-commerce store fully implemented onto the BTCPay system!

1. Set up your own Bitcoin wallet, if you don’t already have one:

Note that even if you do have an active wallet, we still recommend that you set up a new wallet that will be solely dedicated to your Ecom store. To get through this step, simply check out this super-easy tutorlal on BTCPay’s documentation. (a new window or tab will open).

NOTE: For several reasons, including simplicity and function uniformity, we HIGHLY recommend you use the Electrum wallet for this application. To go this route, simply download Electrum here and then set it up on your computer with the easy instructions below

NOTE: For instructions to set up your wallet in P2SH format, which has more compatibility with legacy wallets, watch THIS VIDEO (new tab will open) – This helpful video is also linked in the instructions below where it’s mentioned in the instructions for your convenience.

2. Once your wallet is set up, copy its public key:

The public key is the only information we need to implement your BTCPay Server implementation to work with your Ecommerce store. Just follow these easy steps as outlined in this diagram. When the wallet loads (it may take a few moments), in the top menu, click on “Wallet” and then “Information”, then follow the easy steps below:

Copy your public key and paste it into a blank text file. NOTE: There is no security vulnerability in saving this on your computer’s hard drive, as opposed to your wallet’s private keys.

Once you’ve saved your public key, congratulations – you’re all set!

Simply proceed to the next step below:

3. Complete and submit the implementation request form for your store:

This form gives our admin staff the information they need to install and configure your Ecom store’s plugin and any other necessary software. Then, we’ll successfully implement everything on your BTCPay Server which has been set up and configured specifically for your store. Fill out the form now! (a new window or tab will open)

NOTE: As mentioned before, we will need temporary admin-level access to your site’s WordPress or other CMS’ backend to complete the installation and implementation. None of your store’s settings will be changed in any way. Once we’re finished, you will be notified immediately so you can disable the admin access.

4. Do a live test:

Once the installation and setup are completed, we will do an internal test via BTCPay Server to ensure that everything works. You will then need to do a test live purchase on your end and checkout for a small amount of Bitcoin (around $1-10.00, remember the Bitcoin will be going to YOUR wallet).

We recommend adding “demo” item to your store strictly for this test. The Bitcoin payment option will appear seamlessly along with your other existing payment options.

Once the test order and checkout are completed successfully, you should see the bitcoin for the purchase appear in your wallet instantly and awaiting confirmation by the blockchain.

If you spot any problems or errors, simply let us know via support chat and we will check it out asap.

If there are no errors or problems with your test transaction, then congratulations – your store is ready to rock!

The next step will be to implement Lightning Network on your BTCPay installation. We will be setting up an add-on service to get that implemented within the next few weeks, so be sure to check your members’ area regularly!

You can start promoting your store’s new acceptance of Bitcoin to your customers and subscribers!

Remember that you can contact us anytime you need assistance via chat from your secure member’s area. Simply click on the handy icon you see on the lower right corner of your screen.